Safari with BTS

We bring together "Needy and Giving Hearts" in an environment conducive to relationship building, cultural immersion, conservation and an opportunity where both the Needy and the Giver can appreciate each others strengths, abilities and weaknesses.  Our clients have found these experiences "Life Changing" and so have our partners, who in fact have been very carefully selected to ensure sustainability, determination and gratitude, with the end goal being self determination and empowerment.  We resent exploitation of the needy for the sake to create opportunity for the giver but will always pursue a path of integrity, dignity and respect for all. If preserving Africa's Wildlife and it's people is your passion and you too would like to participate, make a difference and conserve, then contact us today and enquire about the various options available.  Whether you are an individual or if you are part of a group - we can tailor make your experience to suit your travel  needs. We offer tailor made travel & safari solutions to our clients and can offer guided or unguided tours.  We specialize in Wildlife & Community Upliftment.  Our services extend from South Africa across borders to Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland & Lesotho.

Secure Travel & Guiding

This service is ideal for foreign travelers (groups or families) who want to explore our beautiful country but, are not sure where to go and where it is safe to do so. If you are traveling to Southern Africa, and you are not confident to do so on your own; we can offer expert advice on the country, impart knowledge & provide security whilst you sit back and enjoy the scenery. Therefor, BTS is proud to announce that we can provide a secure driver-guide to those who want to enjoy their holiday with a feeling of safety and no stress knowing that all matters at hand are taken care of. We offer tailor made safari packages on request.

Car-hire & Travel Desk

At BTS we have a dedicated Travel Desk that offers a wide range of vehicles to hire.  These are cash upfront rentals and arranged from all major Airports and Cities in South Africa.  Delivery and 'one-way' rentals can be arranged.  At BTS we also offer secure driver-guides; should you not be comfortable to drive yourself.

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