Executive Protection 

At BTS, we pride ourselves in utilizing only the best Close Protection Operatives in providing Safety & Security to our designated clients in both a corporate or social and family environment. Our Operatives are all SASSETA & PSIRA registered with relevant First Aid Qualifications. Operatives all have Advanced, Defensive & Tactical Driving skills as well as Professional Driving Permits. Our staff all hail from either a Military, Police or Martial Arts Background hence, why we can offer such a comprehensive service to our clients in all facets of a Close Protection Environment.

Secure Transfers

BTS Operatives will welcome and receive you at any airport in South Africa, ensure your safety whilst changing currency, and accompany you to the safety of your accommodation. For our Corporate Clients that fly in for a day or longer, we would accompany or even drive you to all your meetings, and make sure that you can focus on your day's appointments & meetings and not have to deal with the traffic and stresses of the road conditions.

Diplomatic Solutions

Our Executive Protection Agents are highly qualified and skilled Operatives and are familiar with current affairs and Diplomatic Protective needs. We are confident that we can offer only the best Diplomatic Solutions to Foreign Consulates & Embassies in South Africa.  Agents are discreet and work in both covert and overt environments on a daily basis. We also offer residential protection solutions to Embassy Staff & their families.

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

BTS Operatives are highly trained in surveillance tactics and highly skilled in counter-surveillance techniques used to combat or gather intelligence, crime prevention, the protection of a subject, people, group, or a process and guarding against kidnappings, robberies, extortion, and other business-related infiltration methods.

Residential & Family Safety

We can place a Residential Security Team (RST) at your house to care for the safety needs of your loved ones. We can accompany them to schools, malls, social events, sporting events or where ever the requirements take us, and ensure they feel comfortable at all times without the stresses of every day crime. We will ensure that we match the correct Operative with your loved ones that understands the core values and importance of family - who will look after your family like they would look after their own.

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